ideate7 is an online platform to find great ideas and bring them to life in your organization.

Our seven step process

To start the ideate7 process, your organization can initiate challenges to be shared with the community of your choosing. From there, let the ideating begin.


Create and post new business challenges to your ideate7 hub for startups, companies or individuals to discover and offer their ideas. Challenges can be public or invite-only, so you have control over who can see your challenges.


Ideas for your challenges are submitted with details on how they'll be designed and developed for you to review, comment and collaborate on. This is where you'll help to refine ideas into real-world solutions to meet your business objectives.


Once ideas are fully refined, they enter a locked-down stage where you and your community can share them to generate interest and find other resources if necessary to help bring your solutions to market.


Based on feedback and interest collected from the sharing phase, your organization's internal review and assessment can now begin. At this stage you'll have solid proposals to choose from, and will have gained valuable insights on new technology and creative solutions.


Your organization can now select and award the project to the team who submitted the best idea for your challenge. This is a great opportunity to share and promote the innovation happening with both your organization and the team that was selecetd.


Now the work starts. Watch as your selected idea is designed, developed and tested to become an actual product, service or experience for your end users.


When your idea is ready to be brought to market, it's time to launch. Sound interesting? Signup for our beta release below.

About us

We are ideate7, an ideation platform that enables organizations across all sectors to tap into the lived experiences, insights, and curiosities of the communities they serve for ideas.

We are a proud member of the Vision7 family, a fully integrated marketing communications company that serves various well-known brands in North America and worldwide. Our partners include Cossette, Vision 7 Media, Citizen Relations and The Camps Collective.

In an age of questionable legacies and expiring traditions, we believe the power of disruption should be driven by just about anyone. Consider the inventions mankind has applauded, adopted, and ultimately took for granted over the past century. Contrasted with the nature of our more recent innovations, and the unorthodox people, partnerships, and communities that founded them, one thing is clear: In the exponential nature of our discoveries, organizations should lead by opening the process.

Taking you from ideas to innovation

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